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At the beginning of May 2017, a small tornado knocked our chimney into our roof - only 2 feet from my 5 year old daughter's bedroom window. It caused a large hole in our living room, we had rain gushing into the house, no way to stop it.

Thankfully, we were not home at the time. The next morning, though, was another story. We walked into the house and there was water all over the living room, walls were askew due to the impact of the heavy brick chimney, our porch was caving in and several rafters were broken. We immediately contacted our insurance agent, who started the claim processes.

I asked what I needed to do next and they said we needed to hire a contractor to come out and tarp the roof. Thankfully, ServPro was able to get out there within a few minutes and begin the work of tarping the roof and setting up dryers and dehumidifiers. I waited two days for the insurance adjuster to call me. Then I called my agent back.

He called the adjuster who said he could not get to me for at least a week. I was okay with that (I really shouldn't have been), we made the appointment and a week went by. ServPro had to come back twice to fix the tarp as it kept blowing off and more rain kept getting into the house. The Day arrived that the adjuster was supposed to be there.

As we were staying 45 minutes away in another one of our properties (one of our rentals that had just been vacated), we had to drive to meet him. The appointment was supposed to be at 1pm, we had to leave by 2:30 in order to pick up our kids from school. The adjuster never showed. We called several times and it wasn't until we were getting in the car to leave that we got a hold of him.

He said he was coming from Fort Wayne and said that he thought we were on central time. I said that was no excuse, 1pm is 1pm. If it was central time, then he should have been there MORE than an hour ago anyway. We had placed a keybox on the house and we really don't know when he got to the house because we had to leave.

His first estimate completely missed the basement, which had an inch of water in it. He wrote in a room that had not even been touched by the flooding. He also missed damage to the upstairs, all of our electronics, and a few other things. I explained to him that I wanted things buttoned up prior to it getting too warm because I am highly allergic to mold and I knew mold was already starting to grow.

He said it wouldn't be a problem and ServPro started work on estimating the roof and the interior damage. The exterior alone (and we had several contractors give us estimates) ran $32,000 in damages. It was completed just last week, but with delays due to the insurance company not wanting to pay more than $11000. RIDICULOUS!!

We are now fighting them on the interior. We have mold growing and I had a mold test done to back this up. It is so severe that it's going to cost around $12000 just to remediate everything. EVERYTHING in the house needs remediated and/or replaced.

State Auto is refusing to acknowledge that due to the fact that they are responsible due to the fact the contractors cannot continue the work until they get paid. The interior is going to be somewhere in the realm of $50,000 (if not more) just due to the amount of destruction of furniture, etc. that occured. The adjuster came out again and agreed to the scope of work that needed to be done.

Unfortunately, he didn't pass on that information to his supervisor and has not communicated with me in more than 3 weeks. I spoke with his supervisor 2 weeks ago and she said she had not received anything from him. Well, she got it from both myself and the contractor. And then, incredibly, she went radio silent as well.

I am so tired of this company!! I will be changing as soon as this work is complete. I have never been more frustrated. If we didn't have another house to go to, what would they have done?

I fear that they would not have even paid for a hotel for my family to stay in!

I'm supposed to have a 10am conference call with them tomorrow but I doubt that it will happen. I have no faith in these people at all.

Product or Service Mentioned: State Auto Insurance Homeowners Policy Claim.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $50000.

Preferred solution: I want State Auto to authorize payments to ServPro of Marshall County to FINISH MY HOUSE, my electronics to be replaced, mold to be remediated and to BE IN MY HOUSE!!! I would also like some sort of compensation for the lost time in my home..

I didn't like: Take too much time contacting customers, Caught adjuster and his supervisor in several lies, Do not contact customers.

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Granger, Indiana, United States #1348810

I should also add that the supervisor said that they had not been contacted by ServPro regarding anything. We provided them with call logs from ServPro (apparently, they are so used to insurance companies saying "you didn't call us..." that they started logging this stuff!) showing when they contacted them, along with copies of all emails sent. I also have email tracking for my work and I know when they opened and read every single email that I sent them.

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